June 1, 2017
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BJ 'n Cindy


Thoughts of you

Thoughts of you

Each morning I awake to tackle another day,
Another day, in which your away.
I try to stay focused and take care of all I do,
But I often find my mind drifting off with thoughts of you.
I sit alone with nothing more than a blank stare,
As I reflect on all the memories it is that we share.
I remember our first kiss and the way it made me fell,
That was the moment I knew, my love for you was real.
At the tender age of just sixteen,
I was blessed to find you the man of dreams.
Our life at first was a rocky one,
With everyone saying, "they'll never make it, their just to young."
But we didn't listen to what those people would say,
And we grew stronger and closer with each and everyday.
The one cold January day we got a big surprise,
You didn't have to say a word, I knew just by the look in your eyes.
We were both so nervous, "was I ready to be a mom?"
But nine months later, we had our beautiful son.
You were so far away when that day came,
Stuck in Korea, playing the armies game.
Ten long months pass, and your finally return,
The bond was instant but there was much to learn.
You did so wonderful right from the very start,
And instantly little Zackary stole your heart.
He would sit on your lap and you would play on the floor,
But in no time at all, you were shipped off to war.
The days seemed long and times were rough,
Yet Zack and I knew we had to stay tough.
Finally this thing is about to pass,
And we can all be a family again at last.
We've been apart for quite sometime,
Yet thoughts of you still consume our minds.

For my husband Charles

submitted by
Amanda Marsh