I'll Accept The Mission

 I'll Accept The Mission

I met my fiancé 2 years,and 3 months ago. How awkward it seemed when we first
met. We were both so shy and non-chalant. Who new it would become more than
just hello?

Our relationship was always full of suprises, but never pain. All I told him
when he went to sign up was; "just remember, I love you." I found out later
when he told me he had joined that there were months at sea, long nights alone.
I was thinking to my self. Dear god! months!! But I said with an unshaken
voice,"I'll accept the mission." Dan and I endured the painful two months of
boot camp, and our love blossomed. I went with my dad to visit him for
thanksgivingin San Diego where he is stationed, I refused to let him spend a
holiday alone.When I was there he asked me to marry him. I'm only 18 years old,
but you know what I said when he asked me to marry him? "I'll accept the

-Mrs. Heather Armstrong

contributed by Heather Armstrong [This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.]