A Newlywed's Story

My husband and I are very young . We decided that we were both going to
join the marines --well at my physical, i found out i was pregnate, so of
course i couldnt go. We got married 16 days before he left for bootcamp. He
was about half way through bootcamp when i had a miscarrage. it was
horrible , i wanted him, he wanted me but we both wanted him to continue
boot camp. it has been so hard since he has been gone. Now his knee is hurt
very badly and he wont go to medical because he is ready to come home ..
luckily we only have 2 weeks before he come home . this has been so hard on
both of us but in a couple of weeks his head will be held high ... he will
then have earned the title of a U.S MARINE. ..... The few and the proud .