A soldier's lamentation:

Caught Between Iraq & A Hard Place!
A soldier's lamentation:
We were told by our commanders that anytime soon we would be expected to invade Afghanistan.
When that decision was taken we left in high spirits, because we thought we had it all figured out.
The terrorist bases in that country will be our target, and we would spare no one from our wrath.
After all, the World Trade Towers, and thousands of Americans paid the ultimate price, without even knowing it at the time.
So we took care of that problem, sort of. But remained vigilant, should the Taliban raise it's ugly head again in that country.
We would crush it once more into submission.
Then we were told that Sadam has weapons of mass destruction, and posed a threat to US interests in that region, and the political and economic stability in that region was at stake.
So into Iraq we went, with blazing saddles, metal and iron horses that spewed fire in every direction. And in no time, we were in Bhagdad!
Somewhat disappointing to us though, after being told of the ferrousity that was awaiting us back there.
Eventually, Sadaam's regime crumbled, his military forces dissipated, or went underground, and we shouted victory!
Today however, we are still trying to consolidate that victory in Iraq. With hundreds dying daily among us, civilian casualties in the thousands, and rising daily. And an ethnic and religious civil war that was just waiting to erupt, before we came into Iraq.
I am now left with the question, was it worth the lives lost, the limbs lost, the pain of families, friends, and love ones who are reeling from this madness in Iraq and Afghanistan?
Politicians make the decision to go to war. But it is us the soldiers on the ground, who pays with his life and limbs, to make this scenario possible. And I still cannot see the reason for all of this death and dying any longer.
I want out badly, but I cannot say it out loud, because my buddies will not like it, even though many of them feel the same way too. Our pledge of allegiance, our belief in the values of Freedom & Liberty, under democracy, is what we have to hold on to in these perilous times.
But I still want out!
But is caught in Iraq & A Hard Place!
Om Shanti.
Derryck S. Griffith.