Their home away from home

 Their home away from home

It is as long as two football fields, it is painted gray and these men call it
home for weeks at a time and now it is there home for the next six months. The
walk way are so tiny, there beds are so small they barley have enough room to
turn over when they sleep but to them it is home they may not like it but the
deal with it, they have this so that we can be here burning the home fires for
them and they are out in that big uneasy forgiving blue sea fighting and
patrolling the no fly zone to keep us safe and to keep are right under the 1st
amendment. That give us our freedom to do as we want in life. They are spending
this time to let the people over in the middle east know that we are strong and
that we will fight back. So these men spend six months away from family and
friends to do this for us,,, so if you see a military man or women say thank
you that would mean the most then anything in the world to them to have someone
say thank you for there sacrifices.

I praise the men and women of the united state military the do give there all.
And I am proud to be a military wife and to give them my support,

To all the men and women of the united states military we say thank you and
that we are proud of you..

Written by a military wife Mrs Deborah Skolnick

contributed by Deborah Skolnick [This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.