Soldiers of Hell

Soldiers of Hell

There's a heaven and hell the preacher said this I know for I've seen the dead.
I've been in hell and felt the heat I've seen them all I've been mentally beat.
You see I've seen the fight of brothers and friends, the blood that was spilt
and the tears that won't end. This is the story of hell and much more this is
the story of the Vietnam War.

A boy forced to be a soldier at an early age he had a choice to go fight or get
locked in a cage, my hell had all started in 1964 when Uncle Sam insisted I
enlist for his war. So I walked into sign up and enlisted to go and the Staff
Sergeant said "boy stand in that row" now 10 weeks have gone by and I'm ready
to fight, a boy trained to be a soldier a man made of fright.

Here in the jungles you have just two friends the first is your soldiers and
the second spits lead. Before we got started my Sergeant had said "We are
soldiers of hell be prepared to shoot lead". We are soldiers of hell and people
don't we are brave little soldiers and death we do dare. As we walked through
the jungle I held my gone tight and my Sergeant had said "boys get ready to
fight " "I won't lie" he said "its hell out there so for god sake be careful
walk light beware watch the trees the grounds the sky be prepared this ain't no
walk in the dark wars been declared. Some soldiers of hell died that day in the
jungles of nam and the skies of gray.

Before the preacher finished I stood up to say "I'm a soldier of hell I live
for today". "People talk of love and there fellow man how to use this love they
don't understand, People speak about kindness and love they pray for
forgiveness from god up above and all they want to do is to kill and to hate so
why don't we wake up before it's to late". So people just remember as I say
this to you do unto others, as you would have them do unto you.

John K. Blair

contributed by John Blair [This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ]