My Story

My Story

Ever since my husband was deployed to Iraq (Jan. 2004), people
have been asking me if I believe in the war...if I believe in the "cause",
if I believe in Bush.  Well, to be honest...I do not know.  I don't live
in Iraq and I don't know what it's like over there.  I do know that I
believe in the effect...the effect it has had on our new family...the
effect it has had on his mother, his sister and his brothers and his
nieces who he is close to...most of all the effect it has had on me.
My husband is a mechanic, so I do believe that there are trucks
out there that break down and need to be fixed.  I do believe that
my husband needs to help others safely get to where they are going. 

My husband is good at his job, even though WE are relatively new
to the Marines.  I told him from the beginning that I would support
him in ANYTHING he does and it's been hard to keep that statement
in mind since he has missed our one year wedding anniversery...
my birthday, 2 years in a row...holidays...family celebrations...and
most importantly the birth of our first child.  Aden (our first born) was
born in April of this year.  My husband hasn't met him yet and he's
nearly 5 months old.  It breaks my heart every time I look at Aden's
new accomplishments, knowing that my husband is missing so
much.  And although I miss him and I am sad...I am also very proud

I've overheard so many ignorant American citizens criticize this war...
this president...this terrorism we have no control over.  It takes
everything I have in me to bite my tongue in respect for other
people's mindless opinions...they could be using they're trash-
talking energy to send some care packages to some marine with
no family or send a sympathy card to a family who just lost their marine.

All in all, my bitterness only goes so far.  My husband is still alive...
he's coming home soon...my son gets to meet his father.  My
prayers go out to those wives at home (those husbands at home,
too)...those children who don't understand why daddy or mommy
is gone...those mother's who pray for their baby's safe return.  My
prayers go out to the families in Iraq and every other country who
have witnessed an execution...who don't drink clean water...my
prayers go out to all of us.

Thank You to everyone who has prayed and sent good thoughts
out to everyone involved.  We all need each other...in war and in peace.

Submitted by 
Amanda Santana