Nine Minutes

Nine Minutes

BJ and Cindy,

Here is a report that I did for my college Comp II class. The
instructor said we could be creative. The subject was: What you see in
the depths of the ocean.

able to do so yet. I even stumpted the history teachers at my daughter
school. I thought it was quite an interesting approach.

Nine Minutes
By: Dawn Boger

Here I am, standing in the middle of Arizona surrounded by many
friends. My name is Lloyd McDonald Zimmerman, and I am going to tell
you what I see in the depths of the ocean while in Arizona.
Right now it is early morning; we have all just gotten up from a very
long evening. Still tired and groggy I rise to my feet. I get this
feeling that things just aren't right around here. There is a lot of
noise and it is very loud, and a lot of commotion going on around here.
I know that it is morning but I can't see a thing, everything is black.
All around me there is a strange red glow. It looks as if it could be
fire, but I feel no heat. All of this is so strange; I just don't feel
the same. I almost feel like I am floating. But wait, instead of being
in my room like I should be, I am in the ocean. What happened? How on
earth did I get here?
As I am looking around, I can see all of my mates. They all have the
same look of confusion that I have. As we all look around so many
things are out of place. We are on the ocean floor; we're not very deep
because we can also see above the water. We're in the ocean our eyes
are open, but they don't burn. Part of our house seems to be missing,
whatever could have happened?
As I look up towards the top, I can see many people. They are all
strangers to me. Many of them seem to be crying, but why? I can see
flowers floating on top of the water, I reach out to get one but I can't
grab it. Why are all of these people out here? I just can't understand
why they are so upset. Then I see a face I think I know, it is my wife
but she sure looks a lot older. But who is that man with her? He looks
just like me, but it can't be because I am here and he is there. I then
see him throw something in water. There is a ribbon with words on it.
Let me see what is says, "In loving memory of Lloyd Zimmerman, beloved
husband and father." But wait a minute, I am here, I am alive, I can
see you. But as I sit here and think I start to remember what all has
My name is Lloyd McDonald Zimmerman S2C, USN. On December 7, 1941, I
was on the USS Arizona in Pearl Harbor, on the island of O'ahu, Hawaii.
At around 0800, my ship was attacked by the Japanese Imperial Navy. A
1,760 pound air bomb penetrated into the forward magazine causing
catastrophic explosions. Causing the death of 1,104 men aboard the USS
Arizona. Who would ever think that just nine little minutes could
change so many lives?

The name that I picked is one that I got off of the Pearl Harbor Web
site. I picked this one because that was my mom's maiden name. If I
could find a way to get this to the family of the solider that perished,
I would.

I hope you enjoy this little "riddle" of a report. And by the way, I
did get an A+ on it. Thank you for your time.


contributed by Dawn Boger [This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.