Poem For My Soldier

Poem For My Soldier

The nights are long and never ending, I knew when you left I'd miss you but
never did I imagine just how much. I'd love to see your smile and the way you
act silly when things don't go your way, I'd love to hold you and look into
your eyes. I wish you were here by my side you don't know how much I've cried.
You're so far away doing what you love and for the country you love. Nights go
by I wait for the phone to ring or even an email letting me know you're ok,
days go by and I hear not a word from you. Please be safe, please take care and
please remember me the one back home that can't wait to see your smile the same
smile that brightens my days when you are so far away. I'll be here till the
end for you are my soldier the one that keeps me safe day and night, the same
one that shines a star so bright.

To my soldier Joshua Farmer always remember I am here and there's nothing more
I would like to see than your smile.

By Nikki Garcia

contributed by Nikki Garcia   [This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.]