A Dream of an Outsider

"A Dream of an Outsider"


My name is Jo. The love of my life was in the Marine Corps for 4 long and
wonderful years of his life.

So wonderful that now 3 years later, his only hope is to re - enlist. He
was a marine police officer for his entire time in. He Loved it so very
much that his life time dream has been to Become a police officer. Although
when you are in this "real World" outside of a base where dreams and goals
aren't as Easy to appreciate and follow - they have a higher rate of

He began working at a bar about 2 years ago and has been There ever since.
Being a marine is the one thing he is so Proud of. I prey every night that
he will leave and return To the corp. Although i have never lived on a
marine base - I most definately am in love with a marine. I hope with all
My heart i will make it out there with the rest of you very Proud women.

I suppose the moral of my story is that no matter how hard It may be some
times - stand by your wonderful, brave men. Don't ever take a simple second
of your life for granted, Because for some of us - it's what we dream of.
God bless you all, and all of your wonderful stories!

-Jo contributed by Jo [This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.