But You Did'nt

But You Did'nt

When we first met
I thought that sparkle in your eyes would never disappear
I thought you and your boyish charm would stay the same
But you did'nt...

The day our child was born
I thought you would disappoint me
That you would'nt be there to hold my hand
Or realize the miracle we were given
But you did'nt

The times we argued
I thought for sure
You would leave and never look back
But you did'nt

And then there was the time
I spilt kool-aid on your dress blues
I thought you would kill me
But you did'nt

There were so many things I wanted to say
Like I love you, and i'm going to miss you, and I'm sorry
But I was stubborn and thought I would do all of those things when you
returned from the war
But, you did'nt

I thought you had broken your promise
to always be there for me
But, everytime I smile for no reason
Or, feel comfort where there is none
Or, courage when I have none
Or, love when I so desperatly need it...
I know you did'nt.

contributed by Carrie
Simonds [This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.]