Why Him

Why Him

Before he meet the love of his life,
he went to die, he had nothing.
Now he says he is whole because of her,
and he has all he wants and all he ever dreamed for.
he says he has meet his goal.

He never thought there could be someone so perfect for him.
Now he serves for fun and to support her,
but he does not want that day to come
now that he has something to live for

He never thought he would
be one of the chosen to go
but now that he is, he wants to stay,
and never leave so he knows
she is safe and happy with him.

He love the thrills of training,
but hates the byes.
He never says good-bye
Why? Because any bye away from her is bad,
all he says is "I will come back to you always, promise"

Why did he have to be one of the chosen,
he has a life, his family, a future wife and loved by many.
Those who don't should go,
why don't they, they are the ones who go to die,
thats what they want, not him, he wants to stay its not right

He promises her a safe return,
but how? He does not know for a fact.
She told him "no" to begin with,
but she wanted him to have fun,
so she let it slide.

Now she feels guilty, he had her permission to start,
without it he would not be leaving.
they say its not
the final leaving
but who knows?

They tried not to cry,
but as he stepped on the
plane he was to leave on a hopefully return on,
they broke, there was no holding it,
it was to strong

The think all the time
of one another and
pray for a safe return,
and worry to no end

she writes him everyday,
but he never writes back.
she has not idea where he is,
what he is doing, or even if he is alive.
Who knows?

He prays for the day of
a letter to her saying he is to return.
She prays that the day wont
come of a letter of no return.
Who knows?

Which letter will she receive and when?
One of a safe return,
and injured or no return?
She can only pray and wonder.
She would love at least an injured return
but what she really wants is a safe one.
she does not know what is to come,
Good, Ok or Bad?
Who knows?

God knows, and in God they trust.

A poem written by a friend of mine to her soldier.  We love you!