Where you are

I wrote this poem for the love of my life Joshua W. Prior . Everyday I try to
tell him that he means everything to me and that he is the only man that I
love. He has shown me true love and has only given unconditional love. Right
now he is far away from me and I miss him so much. If I could I would be
where he is right now and I just wanted him to know that and to also know
that I love him so much.

-=" Where you are"

Where you are is where I want to be.
I 'd climb any mountain , swim any sea.
But to just be where you are I 'd give up everything.
It doesnt matter where you are because there's only one place for me and that
is in your loving arms.
If I were where you are I would touch your face.
Tell you a million times that I love you.
Kiss your lips and just hold you near to me.
Just to be where you are I 'd give my last breath.
Where you are is where I want to be.
Holding you as you fall asleep.
Watching you with your peaceful dreams wishing it were me you were dreaming
Holding you so very close listening to you as you breathe feeling your heart
as it beats.
Holding you still as you wake smiling that sweet smile.
Watching you watching me as I look into your eyes so full of love.
I whisper I love you and you whisper back.
And a gental soft kiss on the lips that say I love you again.
Where you are.

I love you Josh
Love always and forever,Victoria N. Brown

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