June 1, 2017
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BJ 'n Cindy




Today I can only express the joy of our love in words,
upon your arrival our love will shine with the greatness of the sun.
Our time grows nearer to our reunion day,
soon, dear soon we will have our way.
Tears will roll slowly down our cheeks,
as they have been for many, many, many weeks.
But now they come for joy and happiness
before they were only for times of sadness.
I've missed you dearly but distance can no longer keep you,
it is my turn to have you, and hold you and kiss you!
My life is returning, from this coma I will awaken
This disease is called absence, but we are not forsaken
My reunion is near, for my husband and I
I look to the heavens, in the beautiful sky.
The cure for this absence will fly in as I see,
coming on a long, long,journey from the middle east.
As I wave my flag and hold up my sign,
I see him coming and it's about time.
Your arms will embrace us, Hannah, Isaac, and me,
with all gentleness and might like the blue serene sea.
I love you's and I miss you's will echo around me,
but your's are the ones I will hear whispering.
Our reunion is near and I can not wait,
My dear Marine, my husband, and my soul mate!
I love you I need you I miss you:(

Estela Lepe Perez