-=If ever

I wrote this when my husband was deployed the first year of our marriage. He
still means everything to me. I thought I would share my feelings with other
wives who feel the same as I.

-=If ever

If ever I choose to leave
I'll never choose you
If I ever choose to change
I'll never change what we have
If I ever choose to have something different
I'll never choose to change what I have with you
You make me feel beautiful
You make me feel loved
I would never choose to change you
I'll never choose to change
If I would change something now
I would change this
I would change our image in my heart
To the image that lays right beside me
I would change a dreams touch
Into the touch that wakes me up when I'm dreaming
I would change your whispers in my mind
To the true whispers in my ear
I would change the empty space next to me
With it filled with your presence
I would change it so you would be here
So you would be here to hold me when I sleep
I would change it so I could wake to your peaceful dreaming
Instead of me dreaming peacefully of you in my sleep
Waking up to your touch that is so far away
I would change it so I could feel your lips brush mine
I would change a days worth of thinking
Into a days worth of living
I live for the day when I can have you next to me
I live for the day when I won't be so distant
I live for the day with you
I am afraid of nothing
I am not afraid that you will hurt me
I am not afraid what I have is a dream
I live in the last days we spent together
I think the last words that were shared
Everyday in my heart your words keep my company
Everyday I know you are near
You are here in my heart
The only place I would treasure something so dear
The only place will put something so wonderful
So when I say your name I know you are near
You are in my dreams
You are in my heart
you are always with me
So why would I change things
They will change soon
I have all I want already
I have you

Written for Kansas
By: S. Gingher

contributed by Ginghers [This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.