Stand Fast Stand Strong

 Stand Fast Stand Strong

It is time for goodbyes.
The time has come to kiss your soldier.
No time for fears or tears.
Smile even though your heart is breaking.
Smile, Wave.
Stand Fast Stand strong.

Comfort your child through the fears, tears and questions.
Smile. Reassure the child.
Be strong for the parent that watches CNN
Then calls you voicing your own fears.
Calm them.
Stand fast Stand strong.

Remember the precious moments.
Tell your soldier about them
Talk with joy,
Not anger or sadness.
Remind them of your love
Through their moments of doubt,
That you also feel.
Stand fast stand strong.

When you hear someone in a store
Talking about what crap our country is
Remember your spouse,
Take the silent joy of knowing
That you and your family are
What allows these AMERICANS. To
Voice their ideas and convictions
Without fear.
Stand fast stand strong stand proud.
You have the hardest path to walk in this life.
You are a Military Spouse.

B. Williams 2001

contributed by Brandie Williams [This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.]