I have written a poem some during the recent deployments.  I
thought maybe
you would like it.  Thanks for your time,
Maaike Wolters-Dailey


She stands still, staring straight ahead.
  The wind blows her hair in her eyes.
  Tears she had held for, oh, so long,
  flow freely with her silent cries.

The day had dawned a day too soon,
  They both carried hearts filled with dread.
  His final kiss, a last "love you",
  He makes sure nothing's left unsaid.

Rather than showing him her tears,
  She tells him she loves him, again.
  She knows it's time to let him go,
  but her heart is aching with pain.

Ev'ry moment etched in her mind.
  Precious were the moments last spent.
  She gets in her car, drives away,
  but has to stop at the next bend.

Not able to drive any farther,
  She gets out to cry in the rain.
  Nothing has prepared her for this
  feeling of loneliness and pain.

God, how slow are the hours, the days?
  And still no word from him, yet.
  She waits for letters, e-mails, calls
  telling her he didn't forget.

Then his letter arrives, at last!
From where? She's not supposed to know.
He 'sleeps in the tiny top bunk,
misses and loves everyone so'.

Her heart belongs to her Marine.
  He will be coming home at length.
  And as so many wives like her,
  she finds her reservoirs of strength.

By Maaike Wolters-Dailey