Tears At 1:00AM

I wrote this for my husband the week before he left 
to join Operation Iraqi Freedom.

He is a beautiful man, husband, and father. 
God Speed to all of our Soldiers!

Tears At 1:00AM

It is tears I shed at 1:00 A.M. wishing for a way,
to keep him safe and sound,
while for a quick return I pray.
I sit here watching him sleep,
knowing he will be gone soon,
memorizing the things that I will not be able to keep.
I am so proud of this man here beside me,
yet so scared to be left here alone.
I fear a mission of silence,
maybe no letters,
never hearing his voice over the phone.
There are so many things I want to say to him,
so much too precious to be left unsaid.
I let him sleep though,
because he has worked so hard,
and there is so much raging in his head.
There have been very early mornings, 
and nights so late he was too tired to see.
All this preparation so they can serve and protect the free.
There are little eyes so innocent,
it is all so hard to explain.
They just want their daddy when they call his name.
There is so much fear inside me,
so much unknown,
so much to miss.
I pray that God guide and keep him,
as his forehead I lean down and kiss.
I know that miles are only symbols while we are apart.
I know that there is no distance that can compare to 
        the love we have in our heart.
So when he has to go,
I will hold him and tell him good bye.
I will encourage him this whole journey through,
and the last thing he will hear is,
" We love you, and we will be here waiting for you."
These tears I shed at 1:00 A.M.
 remind me who I am,
a military wife,
proud, strong, and true.
Honored to be married to a solider,
who fights for his country,
and stands tall for the red, white, and blue.

Written by: Misty Lynn Crumpler

 We love you Bryan Lee Crumpler!
You are our hero!