I wrote this a few months ago.  It was published in a local paper
but I thought it might be nice to see it on your boards.  My
husband is an A1C soon to put on his senior stripes.  He has not
yet been deployed but is most likely going in June to Iraq. 

The fears reflected in this poem are real to me and I am sure to
many others.  I hope it meets your standards.  Thanks

Jill Thornhill    Proud Air Force Wife


She sits and wonders will he be next?
A question so simple yet beyond complex.

The insomnia takes hold.
"Will his be the next story told?"
A hero who fought to be free,
A hero who died so the world could see.

Alone she is left; a child by her side.
To stay strong, how hard she tried.
Not a tear shed, no emotion shone.
The pain, the hunger, and the desire to return home.

Home is not home without him here.
But this was his choice and her only fear.
Wanting to hold him again by her side,
She grieves for the men who have already dies.

She prays in the dark for all to be free.
She lurks in the dark so no one can see.
Her pain she hides during the day,
The torment she feels; he might go away.

Alone she stands trying to remain strong.
A tear forms as once again she hears that song.
A song meant for the glory of freedom and life,
But now only reminds her that she is a military wife.