June 1, 2017
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Wife Of A Sailor's Creed

 Wife Of A Sailor's Creed

I am the wife of a United States Sailor.
Although I have no rank, I MUST obey those appointed over me.
I will open up my home to fellow Sailor's and their families passing through.
I will wave good-bye to my husband with a smile on my face as his ship leaves
the pier.
I am the wife of a United States Sailor who will recieve ONLY cheerful mail
while on deployment.
I will be mommy and daddy, plumber and carpenter as well as a strong loving
disiplinarian while my husband is out at sea.
Although I don't understand why he must leave so often for such long periods at
a time, I will NOT question the U.S.N.
I know I will get little, if any, credit for keeping the home fires burning.
My pay is none for a job well done.
When his ship pulls into the pier I will greet him with a tear streaked smile
upon my face.
I will hold my Sailor tightly, until the U.S.N says I MUST let go.
~Nichole M. Defoe~

contributed by Nichole M. Defoe [This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.]