Our Rules

"Our Rules"

You'll send them away
With style and grace
Don't show them your tears
Put a smile on your face

And then rush home
To wait for his call
Even though it could be days
If even at all

And when you are lonely
And it feels like to much
Don't run to another
Wait for his touch

When you are worried
Will he still love me
look into your heart
For there you will see

Things will be hard
The kids will throw fits
You'll feel overwhelmed
But you must not quit

Cut the grass
And pay the bills
Do the laundry
And clean up the spills

You look at the calendar
Only two days left
Clean up the house
Because it is a mess

And when the door opens
And there he will stand
You'll tell him you missed him
And hold out your hand

He'll ask how things were
And you will say fine
Your a military wife
So you must not whine

When you go to bed
You will hold him tight
He will go away again
But he's home tonight

When people ask you
"How do you get by?"
You'll simply smile and say
"I just love that guy"

And now you all know
The rules of my life
I'm not your average woman
I am a military wife

Jenni Mcgettigan

contributed by Jennifer Mcgettigan [mcgettiganjs@msn