Who is the Chief?

I wrote a poem a few years ago and would like to share it with those who come on this website and to all the spouses of Chiefs out there:

Who is the Chief?

Who is the Chief, adorned with the Anchors
The one who lives for others, daily, without favors
When trials come and woes arise, the Chief is there to calm the tide
He's the one who's bold and wise, the one to go to when you feel tried
The Chief has been there-done that, seen one, did one, and taught it
In the face of danger he spat, through rough seas and storms he's fought it
His skin is salty and weathered like teak wood on a battleship
Unbothered when the big guns fire and thickened by life's hardship
He's a man among men, sure, calm and with intent
To be a fine example of Honor, Courage, and Commitment
He has made mistakes, learned from them, and moved on
In his life his wake will break for others to build upon
The Chief wears khaki, sharp, professional and true
A skeleton key, who opens doors that are shut to those in blue
His soul is as deep as Davy Jones' locker, his integrity as strong as the bow
Above his chevrons a lone rocker sits, enclosing the what and the how 
Who is the Chief? You ask plainly. . .
He's the keel- the backbone of the United States Navy

HMC(FMF) Joseph Crain

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