Jamie is his name
Theres no one quite the same.
As he sails away upon the U.S.S CARL VINSON
I hope the time will go by fast
Soon a couple of months has past
It is September 11th and the terorists have attacked
People are crying victims are dying
Seems as though America is not as safe as we had thought.
Soon after I hear reports of the U.S.S CARL VINSON on the news.
How exciting but is Jamie going to be alright.
Air strikes day after day
Oh how I hope he is o.k.
will he be coming home as planned ,
I hope so I sure miss my sailor man oh man
Soon a news broadcast I hear saying the USS CARL VINSON will be on time.
I smile big and can't wait for that special day .
We will reunite at the Bremerton pier in January I hope oh yay!
But still that is three months away hopefully the days will go by faster I
And here I am waiting for that special day at the Bremerton peir.
I love and miss him so.
Jamie is his name
There is knowone quite the same!

By Tiffany C.

contributed by Tiffany C. [This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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