June 1, 2017
The MilitaryWives.com Staff will be on vacation from 19 June 2017 until 27 June 2017.  We will resume normal operations on 28 June 2017.

BJ 'n Cindy



  Although we're not side by side your always in my heart, and mind. I think of you both night and, day so you see your never far away. My love for you runs so deep it will reach over both land and, sea. So as you walk on dessert land just know I'm there with you we're hand in hand.
  I'll be with you always no matter how far and, for you I know I must be strong. Our love has no boundaries or measurements of time. This love I feel for you is like red white and, blue.
  Red for my heart that beats the love for you.
  White for the purity so faithful and true.
  Blue is for the way I feel here just missing you.
  Dan- I love you my United States Marine
  I am so very proud of you!!!!!!!!
  Come home soon baby!!!!!!
  Love your wife,