June 1, 2017
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BJ 'n Cindy


Standing By

Standing By


Here I am alone once more.

You’ve gone out tonight again.

Caught between the death and darkness,

you’ll seek comfort from your friends.


I wish that you would talk to me

but I know not to pry

So Semper Fi my darling

I’ll be standing by.


You barely touched your food tonight.

Your thoughts are far away,

You’ve gone inside yourself again,

and I know you will not stay.


I knew things would be this way

when I took my vows by your side.

so Semper Fi my darling,

I’ll be standing by.


There by the door a bag is packed,

next to boots with tags inside.

I know I can’t ask you to stay,

so I won’t even try.


In the quiet light of morning

you return to touch my face.

Then quickly grasp me tightly,

desperate words in your embrace.


Only an hour now until goodbye

and I’ll bide my time to cry,

So Semper Fi my darling,

I’ll be standing by.


God and Country will go with you,

and I’ll be left behind,

But Semper Fi my darling,

I’ll be standing by.


M. Tisdale (Former Marine Rose)