You Know You're A Marine Wife When...

You Know You're A Marine Wife When...

  1. You can figure out how to buy groceries for 5 on a budget for  2. 
  2. You can read your husband's LES better than him.
  3. The dispersing clerk knows you by first name.
  4. Your children were all born in different hospitals.
  5. Your child's first words are commisary, PX, and 7 Day Store.  
  6. Your children call every Marine "Daddy".
  7. Instead of arguing, you ask you spouse when is his next  deployment?

  8. You can pack a seabag with all his belongings better than he  does.

  9. You can decorate anywhere with anything ... and for cheap!  
  10. You know that there is a way to be a 1 car family and still  keep
your sanity.
  11. Your Marine invites the new kid in the shop over for a home  cooked
meal with 1 hour's notice
  12. You actually impress that new kid in the shop with what you  whipped
  13. You can tell which squadron has night flight just by the flight
pattern over your house.
  14. You know to start packing when he says, " Honey, guess  what?" 
  15. You know the exact amount of postage for the weekly care  package
without weighing it.
  16. You know to believe he is home when he calls you to tell you  where
to pick him up.
  17. When you married your Marine, your civilian family asked you  for a
translation dictionary!
  18. You only use pencil in your address book for friends.
  19. You sit alone at night wondering how is day is goin in  Japan. 
  20. You heave a sigh for all he is missing.
  21. You wipe a tear for the rose he gives you with the note that  says,
"For all you do."
  22. You stand tall when you hear the Hymn.
  23. You cry only once he's back home.
  24. At your highschool reunion, you proudly boast you'd never trade
places with anyone.
  25. You know that "Semper Fi" has a special meaning for you and  your
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