Marine Corps Marine Corps

My Marine

My  Marine   
The plane waits in the background
engines roaring loud
Many families surround me
tears all around
You're leaving me today
to do your part in war
So I stand there crying
tears streaming down my face
longing oh so much
just to feel your sweet embrace
You look me in the eyes
and tell me its okay
you tell me you love me
and its only a matter of days
You hug me one last time
and place a gentle kiss on my cheek
you whisper that you'll miss me
and you tell your goodbyes
As you turn and walk away
our hands slowly part
and with you as you board that plane
is a large piece of my heart
But before you climb into the plane
I see you turn around
you flash me that goofy smile
that makes my heart pound
And as you disappear inside
my heart swells with pride
knowing as you leave me now...
that that Marine is mine...
  By: Rebecca S Parrott

My True Hero

I would like to submit the following poem I wrote for my husband, SSgt. Guillermo Ramos Jr.,  who is currently deployed in Iraq to OIF III with 1st Recon Battalion.
Mellanie Ramos
Camp Pendleton, CA
My True Hero

Twinkle, twinkle, little star
My daddy's gone away real far.
Proud to answer his country's call,
He had to leave us early last fall.
With his cammies, boots, and ruck on his back,
He kissed us goodbye and left for Iraq.
Convoys, watches, and IED sweeps,
No time for play and no time for sleep.
Scorched in the day, froze in the night,
He endures it all and stands for the fight.
No shiny medals or special recognition,
To him all that matters is a successful mission.
He fights to keep me safe at play,
Free from the terrorists' harmful way.
For his brothers-in-arms he'd give his life,
So they could go home to their kids and wife.
Days, weeks, and months have passed.
He's set to come home to me at last.
There is one thing you can guarantee:
My daddy's a real life hero to me.
Clothed in desert brown and olive green,
My daddy's a US Recon Marine.
By Mellanie Ramos

Standing By

Standing By


Here I am alone once more.

You’ve gone out tonight again.

Caught between the death and darkness,

you’ll seek comfort from your friends.


I wish that you would talk to me

but I know not to pry

So Semper Fi my darling

I’ll be standing by.


You barely touched your food tonight.

Your thoughts are far away,

You’ve gone inside yourself again,

and I know you will not stay.


I knew things would be this way

when I took my vows by your side.

so Semper Fi my darling,

I’ll be standing by.


There by the door a bag is packed,

next to boots with tags inside.

I know I can’t ask you to stay,

so I won’t even try.


In the quiet light of morning

you return to touch my face.

Then quickly grasp me tightly,

desperate words in your embrace.


Only an hour now until goodbye

and I’ll bide my time to cry,

So Semper Fi my darling,

I’ll be standing by.


God and Country will go with you,

and I’ll be left behind,

But Semper Fi my darling,

I’ll be standing by.


M. Tisdale (Former Marine Rose)


The Toughest Job in the Corps

The Toughest Job in the Corps

We met in the beginning of May 2005
Only over the phone had I heard his voice
I fell in love before I knew
How difficult loving a Marine was to do

Three or four phone calls a day
Endless night of laughter
June fourth proved I couldn't wait any more
I told him I loved him and it was for sure

The plans began unfolding
A plane ticket was purchased
July first was the day
I would fly to NC to give my heart away

Coming down the escalator
Heart racing and head pounding
The first embrace, the very first kiss
How was I to know how much of it I would soon miss?

The beach was dark and the sand was cold
We walked barefoot at four in the morning
On July fourth he hit one knee and I knew
Through tears and a starry night I would say "I do"

The new plans began unfolding
We would be married in September
Apart the entire time
We planned a perfect wedding on a dime

The day had finally came
September seventeenth in Barbourville, Kentucky
Standing next to him in his dress blues
We sealed a love that deserved front page news

I knew the day was coming
The Corps doesn't let you keep them long
he was leaving for Iraq
Little did I know it's a trip to hell on a one way track

I watched him unload his bags
Crying so hard and feeling my heart break into pieces
One last hug, and one more kiss
If only I'd known July first what I would miss

Pushing myself to get in the truck
I laid my head on the steering wheel and sobbed
My hope and heart felt dense
Then I lifted my head to see him standing, pack on back, behind the fence

I got out of the truck to his smile
"Come give me one last kiss.  I feel like I'm in jail."
Leaning through cold metal to kiss his warm lips
Everything inside went numb from my feet to fingertips

He's only been gone a short while
11 days down and 166 more to endure
Just six months more
And he'll get leave from his beloved Corps

Our newest plans to unfold are locked away for now
I plan to listen and wait for the phone to ring
Write the long letters every lonely night
And with teary eyes pray that God takes away my fright

I'm scared to be on my own
Even though our love happened so soon
I feel like I've loved him my whole life
It's so hard being a newlywed and a Marine Corps Wife

Most women can't do our job
We have the toughest job there is
Some days I do feel like it's a chore
But I am so proud to say my husband belongs to the United States Marine Corps

I dedicate this poem to my life, best friend, and husband Cpl.
Thomas Williams.  I love you Blake and cannot wait the day we can start our lives
together, never apart, FOR-EVER.

Krystal Williams
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


  Although we're not side by side your always in my heart, and mind. I think of you both night and, day so you see your never far away. My love for you runs so deep it will reach over both land and, sea. So as you walk on dessert land just know I'm there with you we're hand in hand.
  I'll be with you always no matter how far and, for you I know I must be strong. Our love has no boundaries or measurements of time. This love I feel for you is like red white and, blue.
  Red for my heart that beats the love for you.
  White for the purity so faithful and true.
  Blue is for the way I feel here just missing you.
  Dan- I love you my United States Marine
  I am so very proud of you!!!!!!!!
  Come home soon baby!!!!!!
  Love your wife,