June 1, 2017
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BJ 'n Cindy


For My Big Piggy

For My Big Piggy

This is for my husband and soul-mate.
You my dear are the love of my life.
My strength, My endurance.
The stars in my night.
You are the one that takes my pain away.
My tears, My cry's.
You are my heart when mine breaks.
You are the man I see when I sleep.
My dreams, My experiences.
My loving sweet treat.
The man I have married.
The man of my dreams.
The man I will love for eternity.
You my dear are the sun, moon, and sky.
The beat of my heart.
The tears in my eyes.
The strength that you give me.
I hold very dear.
>From soul-mate to soul-mate.
I whisper this in your ear.
Wendi Maria Kirk
Copyright ©2001 Wendi Kirk

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