How Long Must I Stand Here?

 How Long Must I Stand Here?

I stand sinking in the sand 
the water lapping at my feet. 
I search the horizon 
where the sky and the ocean meet. 
I search to the left, 
and I search to the right. 
How long must I stand here? 
If I need to, it will be all night. 
Just to catch a glimpse, 
of what could be you, 
out there sailing 
upon the ocean of blue. 
I do not notice 
the wind in my hair, 
nor can I taste 
the salt in the air. 
But what is this 
upon my face? 
A single tear 
has left its trace. 
For darkness has fallen, 
the stars are shinning bright. 
How long will I stand here? 
maybe for the rest of the night. 
For I have not caught a glimpse 
of what could be you, 
sailing out there 
on that ocean of blue. 
The stars are twinkling, 
down upon me. 
Are these the same stars 
that you can see? 
On the night wind 
I can hear, 
a soft voice whispering, 
gently into my ear. 
I listen more closely 
to what it has to say. 
Sweet words of love 
carried from far away. 
A message whispered, 
into the wind, 
a wish for you to be home 
and us back together again. 
I look into the heavens, 
and an angel I do see, 
"Will you please take this message 
to my love out to sea?" 
I hear your words, 
and I love you more. 
Each day will find me, 
standing along the shore; 
searching to the left 
and searching to the right, 
for I will stand here 
if it takes all night. 
Just to catch a glimpse 
of what could be you, 
sailing out there 
upon that ocean of blue. 
'Til the day comes, 
and I shall see 
the ship that has come 
to bring 
my love back to me. 

~~ Mrs. Nikki Abernathy ~~ 

contributed by Mrs. Nikki Abernathy [This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.] 

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