Army Army

My Soldier

My Soldier

She knew when she said "I do"
The dreadful day would come,
When her soldier would have to leave,
To fight for everone.

She didn't want him to leave.
To the Army, she said "NO"
Then she had to say goodbye,
Her soldier had to go.

To her hours seem like days,
She wants him to come home.
The weeks and months go by so slow,
She feels so scared and alone.

The fear is overwhelming,
She wants him to be safe.
She knows deep in her heart,
He shouldn't be in that horrible place.

She dreams about the day,
When he will be returning home.
Shes been waiting for the day,
She'll no longer be alone.

Her mind can't help but wonder,
As she sits at home and cries,
"Can I still stay strong,
If my soldier dies?"

She lies awake at night and thinks,
"Where could my soldier be?"
I'm not dreaming...This is real,
God send my soldier back to me!

Nichole Webber

As Her Soldier Leaves

As Her Soldier Leaves:
 She watched him walk away, leaving for that foreign land.  But she knew he had to go He was needed in Afghanistan. Someone has to win this war. It is a good thing that he is doing. She just can't understand why, It is always her heart that is hurting. She thinks about the lonely days to come And she can't help but cry. This is always the hardest part, Saying good-bye. What will he be doing out there? And when will he get to call? This is what she thinks about through the night, When she can't sleep, and she is starring at the wall. She goes about her everyday life, As if everything is okay. If only they knew that the pain inside, Continues night and day. She keeps herself busy, Hoping that time will go by fast. And thinks about the day he will return. When  they can be together again, at last.

To My Soldier

My Name is Amber Hansen here is the poem I wrote the other day.

                    To My Soldier

He's always there when I need him,
Even when he's out of sight.
All I do is think about him,
And how his smile brighten's my life.

All though he's miles away,
I feel as if he's here.
I just call out his name,
And I can hear his voice so clear.

His smile can brighten the darkest nite,
Hi eyes shine like the stars.
And everything he does for me,
Come's from deap within his heart.

Noone's ever touched my heart,
As deaply as he.
And I thank the Lord each nite,
That he chose to be with me.

He's miles away working hard,
Out serving out country.
And I'll be here waiting for him to return to me.

I sit here every nite,
Trying to find a way.
To write in poems how he makes me feel,
But the words just do not say.

The way I feel about him,
Or how he's changed my life.
But I can tell you right now,


This is a poem about my soldier, the first time that we met,  we both knew it
was special and was there to last.
You are wonderful to me
The way you look into my soul
and see the real me
The way you touch me so gentle
like I may break
The way you know when there
is something on my mind
The way you always kiss me
as if it  was our first and our last
The way you know how to make me  smile
even when i really am not in the  mood
The way you know me with
all of my differences
The way you know to hold me
as if someone were going to take me  away
That's wonderful to me
so you are wonderful to me.
I love you Joe, you truly are wonderful.  Rachel

My Soldier, My Love

My Soldier, My Love
So far away from me
What can I do
So that  you will see
I am worthy of the title
That you gave to me
Not just that of Wife
But that of Army Wife
was decreed on me
I knew about this too
When i said I  DO
To be an Army Wife
Is to Be All I Can Be
Your job is HARD
Don't worry about me
I'll make you proud
To Be All You Can Be
I'll hold down the home front
I'll teach our children too
I'll teach other wives
To Be All They Can Be
I'm wise, I'm strong
I'm resilliant, I'm bold
Someone you'll be proud
To have and to hold
An Army wife I am
An Army wife I'll be
This I can undertake