My son, the sailor!

My son, the sailor!

A thousand times I've asked myself if I have really done,
all that I could for you, my bright and shining son.

My heart cries out for you now that you have gone,
and though I know you will return, the question lingers on.

A kiss, a hug, is all it would take, to turn my heart around,
though you are far away from me, the strings are tightly bound.

The tears I cry for you, you will never see.
The love I feel deep inside for you, is felt only by me.

With every breeze that blows my way, I feel your presence as if it were
Every sad song ever written speaks directly to my soul,
OH, the longing that will not allow this mother's heart to let go.

I behold the sun, the moon, the stars, but nothing calms my distress,
I feel like a mother bird coming back to an empty nest.

My nights are long, and at times it feels as though I'll never sleep,
I fear I have made the wrong decision, and got you into deep.

If this is wrong for you, I am sorrier than you will know,
I only meant the best for you by asking you to go.

I did not know the emotions your absence would engage,
I felt you slipping slowly, being trapped by the coming of age.
I know you are much better and stronger than I see,
but, in my mind you are my little one, reaching out for me.

I had to let go sometime and time went by so fast.
It is hard for to let you go, I keep longing for the past.
But always, always the present comes rushing back on me,
and I know that no matter where you are, how old you are, you will always
My little one, my shining one, my sun across the sea.

contributed by  EMJ  [This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.