Tears of a Navy Wife

This poem is written for my husband, HT2 John J. Lemay on
the Mobile-Bay CG53.  He left for Iraq on June 17, 2004,
we're hoping he'll be home before Christmas.

Tears of a Navy Wife

How does one explain
To those who wouldn’t know
The very breath it takes away
To see your husband go

For most have not experienced
The loss you feel that day
Watching their silhouette grow smaller
When the Captain shouts, “Underway!”

All the words left unspoken
The plans you failed to make
Well surely it can wait
There will be another day

You drive home in a daze
For this can not be real
Six long months you say?
Before his arms I’ll feel?

The minutes turn to hours
The hours into days
The clock ticking slowly
There must be another way

Our song on the radio
Brings a tear that no one sees
I wipe it away quietly
So strong I must be

The heart that swells with pride
When they know I’m a Navy wife
His love for you and me
For it he’d give his life

The packages put together
Of all things he’s deprived
The love each item holds
To my Sailor from his Wife

He sails across the ocean
Places we’ll never go
My Knight in Shining Armour
Who loves his Mermaid so

He hugs me through e-mail
He kisses me by phone
But all I ever wanted
Was to have my Sailor home

Days will keep coming
As they always do
And when the Winter’s here
On that pier I’ll wait for you

I’ll be standing there so proudly
Searching for your face
To have you here with me again
My tears have been erased

For the freedom that you have
To live your daily life
Can be witnessed through the tears
Of a Military Wife

Debra Stebens