Navy Girlfriend

Navy Girlfriend

Being far away, somehow
Has taught me to believe
That what becomes of love in time
Is life's true mystery
It blossoms strong and reaps the song of a lover's heart
And weeps with great sorrow when those lovers part

I miss you now
That I wont deny
In a bed we made, I cannot lie
I stay awake 'til morning light
Because I just can't sleep without you by my side

I never knew it would be so hard
But I did know the odds when I played the cards
Only the bed feels cold
When you are not there to hold
And instead of getting easier with time
It gets harder and lonelier and sadder

I knew the day that I signed up for this relationship that it would be hard
The constant hundreds of miles of ocean that separate us
But I'm a Navy girlfriend now
And no matter how much you love me
I will always come second to the sea
I will always be here on land
Waiting for my brave sailor to return to me

I will wait forever for you to come home
For you to ride up on your great ship like the white knight you are
And rescue me from my solitude
With great sorrow I watch you leave me
And with great pride I stand to see you return


contributed by Shawna [This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.]