Alivia A. Schwab
Without You I have few smiles,
for I have gone on thinking for miles
about the day when you will come back,
for without you this house does lack.
The thing it lacks, is someone I love,
He's my hero, my best friend, and reason to go on.
Without You the house is cold,
no one here to have and to hold.
I wish I may & wish I might
that somehow he would not have to fight
this war among others and us
were only human why can't we just trust.
Cause back at home this house needs you
Your our daddy and Lovers & Dream come true
Our son is growing and learning so much
sometime I dream about the day we will touch.
We love and miss you more than you will ever know.
your our husband and father the best man ever known.
Alivia Schwab
December 18, 2005