Oh Afghanistan

Oh Afghanistan

You have taken my beloved
to walk in your warm gold sand.
Now for a year he belongs to you
while here I claim I am still his wife.

No one could ever imagine
that your mountains would hug his presence,
that your sky would be the hat he is wearing
and your clouds the streams in the dessert.

I beg you, take care of him while he is with you,
he is giving to you the best he has,
he is putting his effort to make you better
so please don't let his blood run in your sand.

His faith belongs to God, who created you,
God's strength is what makes him open his eyes
even when he has to work between shadows of
death, uncertainty and sorrow.

Please God, keep him in your hands
and don't let him fall from them.
Oh Afghanistan for now he is yours
but my beloved forever belongs to me.

Roxana Delgado
Copyright 2004 Roxana Delgado
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