Straight Line

Musical tribute to our troops in Iraq "Straight Line"

To the listener the  "Straight Line"
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The attached song is a tribute to our sons, husbands, brothers, friends in Iraq and
my way of honoring each branch of the military.  My name is Steve Pichan, I live in
Northville, Michigan, and my passion is to write, arrange and record songs of the
times.  This song I completed several weeks ago and am working feverishly to
distribute it via e mail and other sources.  This effort is being directed at moms and
wives.  All of your loved ones deserve our gratitude; this is my small way of saying
"thank you".  I hope it brings each of you some comfort and hope.  We have reason
to be confident in our troops and further confident that God is with them on their
just mission.

Feedback is appreciated.  Please forward to all on your mailing lists who may have an
interest.  If you host a website relevant to the military, please consider posting it there. 
Use of the song in anyway one sees fit is granted my permission.  Any suggestion on
ways to further distribute to those who would appreciate this tribute would also be
welcome.  The lyrics follow.

God bless all and may He protect all soldiers until their return.


Steven Pichan

Straight Line
words & music Steve Pichan 3/1/03

Leave all behind
In this place in time
Tears of good-bye our friend
A call of the heart
You must do your part
Through protesting cries, you sacrifice
Sail on, fly high
March down the straight line
May God go there with you
As you walk on the fate line
Your mission is true
Freedom pursued
Answer the call, how great or how small
Where tyranny reigns
And minds have been chained
You answer the call where soldiers will fall
I will salute to the one who has gone
For me, for you, while the country lives on
Ships sail, jets fly
You walk the straight line
God is beside you
As you walk on the fate line
Sail across the ocean
On your wings break the speed of sound
March down the straight line
God will go with you, with you where you go
Sail on, on
Fly high, fly high
March down, march down the straight line

Steven Pichan