"The Loss of Our Soldier"

I am a regular visitor to your website and during a very tragic accident I
thought of your site. I wrote this poem for SPC. Schulz, Christian C. He was
the loader on my husbands tank and was killed in Iraq during support of
Operation Iraqi Freedom. I would be honored and so would he if you would post this on
your site for others to read and possible get comfort out of if such a tragic
thing were to happen to someone they loved.

"The Loss of Our Soldier"

We lost a dear friend today,
we didn't say good bye.
Did we say "I Love You" enough?
Why did you have to die?

You left too soon,
you were so young.
You wore BDU's,
you carried a gun.

This Nation of ours,
You worked to defend.
You never did falter,
or stumble or bend.

Yet still just a baby,
you were so strong.
You followed your heart,
and never did wrong.

You fought for our Country,
you stood by it true.
You saluted the flag,
the Red, White, and Blue.

Now as the flag,
flies over your grave.
We sit and we think,
of how you were brave.

We sit and we think,
why was it you?
That had to give all,
for the Red, White, and Blue.

Written and submited by:
Jennifer S. Brown