History - Taps

History - Taps

Taps - The Origin

The origin of Taps is as haunting as the musical tune itself. When we began this page we ran into what we thought was the "true" history of the tune. It sounded official enough and had all the right feeling to it.

What we later discovered is that with anything historical there is always controversy. We neither want to perpetuate a falsehood nor do we want to claim that what we found is the correct history. What we will do is present all the information we discovered from which you can then draw your own conclusions.

Version 1
Union Army Captain, Robert Ellicombe version

Version 2
Union Army Brig. Gen. Daniel Butterfield version

Version 3
Confederate Army Captain Milton Butterfield version

Version 4
24 Notes That Tap Deep Emotions

NOTE: MilitaryWives.com, Inc. offers no analyzation nor lends any support to any of these versions. Since we are not historians, military or musical, we can only present the information we located.