5 Household Items that Can Bring You Joy

Amanda Turner

Sometimes, it feels as if there is a race to obtain the trendiest or newest market items in your home. Unfortunately, this kind of thinking leads to the fear of missing out when, in reality, there is no race that will bring you true happiness. Technology and material things are not inherently bad. It is the meaning ascribed to them and the level of attachment that causes problems. If you’re looking to bring joy to your life, here are five objects that you can bring home.

Your favorite books

There is something very special about holding a book that has brought you joy, helped you learn something new, or brought you to a fantasy world. The experience of curling up with a book on a comfortable couch or chair on a quiet Sunday afternoon is something that can bring incredible joy to your life. Even though kindles are becoming popular, most people can agree that a physical copy of a book has value. In fact, it’s been said that independent book stores are making a comeback, showing that the ancient technology of the book can still hold its own against today’s tablets.

A Yoga Mat

There is something very therapeutic about the sound of the mat rolling out on the floor and the knowledge that you will be spending some time on yourself. Whenever you’re ill, stressed, injured, inactive, or overwhelmed, rolling out a yoga mat and taking time for yoga and meditation is a key to restoring your health and well-being.

 A good pillow

Most people would agree on the importance of investing in a proper mattress, but a handful probably underestimate the importance of a pillow. The price is high for a properly fitted pillow, but much less expensive than massage therapy and chiropractor visits and the long-lasting effects of poor sleep. Once you invest in a good pillow, you can take it with you when you travel.

 As is the case with a good mattress, a proper pillow will help you sleep better and improve your neck and back health. If you have headaches or allergies acting up at night, consider whether it is time to replace your pillow. If the pillow still doesn’t help, be sure that there aren’t other home repairs that may be affecting your sleep.

 Indoor flowers

Some great indoor plants are orchids, amaryllis and African violets—all of these plants have a learning curve, particularly orchids. Amaryllis plants are particularly easy and can be bought annually around Christmas time. The African Violet may be a good bet for someone who is not too sophisticated with plant care but still wants to learn to grow indoor flowering plants. Having a blooming flower in the middle of winter can bring joy, peace, and hope for the coming spring.

 Tetsubin—Japanese cast iron kettle

An underrated joy-bringer is sharing a cup of loose-leaf tea with your loved one. Many years ago I got him a Tetsubin, a Japanese Cast Iron Kettle used to boil water. The kettle is only used for water boiling. A clay pot is used for brewing the tea, but the water quality that comes from the cast iron pot is far superior to anything created by your microwave or steel cooking pan. When paired with quality loose leaf tea, the aroma and rich flavor encourage feelings of peace, especially when combined with the bonding experience with your loved one.

 While there is nothing wrong with doing a little dance every time you get the latest and greatest upgrade, it may be worthwhile to consider the objects in your life that have a timeless quality to them. Items that will be there to support and bring you joy no matter what year it is, how old you are, where you live, or how much money you’re making.