New Christmas Song Dedicated to Troops and their Loved Ones

Retired Marine turned music producer "Gunny" Jeff Norman has teamed up with one of Colorado's freshest up and coming singer-songwriters, Julia Bryan, to record an original song, "Just Not Christmas", written specifically for those serving overseas and their loved ones back home.

"It's an unapologetically haunting and poignant song, from the perspective of having to try and re-create the familiar routine of the holidays while apart", says Jeff. "I've received a ton of comments from my military friends that this was the kind of song they'd find consoling while serving away from home, so Julia and I, along with Viet Nam vet and co-writer Klaus Peterson, decided to make it available for free to download and forward by any military wife or sweetheart who may think the song captures their feelings as well during this Christmas season".

The free download of "Just Not Christmas" is available until December 26th, and can be accessed at the link: To listen or download, simply click on the song title, and to forward, just copy and paste the link. No personal info is required or requested by the site.

Julia, the Gunny, and Klaus would like to wish all of our military heroes and their families a blessed holiday season, and pray for a safe and speedy reunion.