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   Achievement Medal - Army Reserve Components
Service: Army
Instituted: 1971
Authorized: DOD 1348-33-M
Issuing Country: ( US ) - UNITED STATES
Achievement Medal - Army Reserve Components
Back of Medal
  1. Authorized by the Secretary of the Army, October 30, 1971.
  2. Awarded for exemplary behavior, efficiency, and fidelity while serving as a member of a U.S. Army National Guard Unit. Reserve Troop Program Unit, or as an Individual Mobilization Augmentee.
  3. Subsequent awards of the medal shall be denoted by the wearing of an oak-leaf cluster on the service and suspension ribbon of the Army Reserve Components

  1. The Commanding General, U.S. Continental Army Command, recommended adoption of a medal for the Reserve Components that would be comparable to the Good Conduct Medal for the Active Army on 11 August 1969. The Deputy Chief of Staff for Personnel, on 29 January 1970, requested The Institute of Heraldry (TIOH) provide proposed designs for consideration by the Secretary of the Army. Designs were submitted in May 1970 and the Secretary of the Army approved the award on 3 March 1971.
  2. The star symbolizes achievement and its twelve points refer to measurement of time and to the sustained meritorious service. The inner disc represents a circle of perfection and bears the torch for guidance and the laurel for honor and glory. The two swords, one for active and one for reserve, attest to eternal readiness and the two stars symbolize equality of effort. The red, white and blue of the ribbon, our National colors, stand for patriotism. The gold symbolizes merit.