Award-winning stress-relief expert / author Susie Mantell's deeply soothing relaxation C D, "Your Present: A Half-Hour of Peace," is clinically approved to relieve layer-after-layer of stress and sleeplessness, depression, anxiety, fibromyalgia, fatigue, cancer, caregiver stress, pain, P.T.S.D., divorce, addiction and grief. Featured in The Los Angeles Times, N.B.C., A.B.C-T.V., Town & Country Memorial Sloan-Kettering, The American Pain Society, Billboard, Hazelden, Susan G. Komen Cancer Foundation, listeners include The Mayo Clinic, Canyon Ranch , 1st Responders, Fisher House, N-MCRS, VA Hospitals, and The National Organization for Rare Disorders. Customizing stress-reduction for Fortune 500 companies, The Arthritis Foundation, National Cancer Survivors Day, distinguished medical centers and spas, Susie has facilitated thousands in relieving health-related, work-related, chronic or traumatic stress. Enhancing well-being, productivity and morale in individuals, and in systems, The Coca-Cola Company appointed Susie to their 4-person Dasani Wellness Team. Susie's multisensory, mind-body techniques appear in syndicated media and national press, corporate newsletters and publications for medical professionals.
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