Hello and welcome to The Military Wives network of websites. My name is BJ Chadduck. I am a retired Marine Corps Gunnery Sergeant and here is the story behind this network...



You might be wondering why anyone would spend the time creating a network like this one. The answer is simple and perhaps a little mushy. I LOVE MY WIFE! and yes, I love the Marine Corps. Both have been very good to me.

 I first met my future bride in the 6th grade in a little elementary school in Franklin County, Missouri. I had no idea what would happen throughout my junior high school and senior high school years. Cindy was an on, off, back on again girlfriend. Why she put up with my nonsense I'll never know. How she tolerated me is even more a mystery. We graduated from Meramec Valley R-III high school in 1973.

 After graduation, she went to work in Brown Shoe factory in Union, Missouri while I went off to East Central Junior College. I lasted one semester. In January 1974, amongst many tears and much anxiety Cindy saw me off into the United States Marine Corps. Little did either of us realize...

 I graduated from Platoon 3015 at MCRD San Diego on 25 April 1974. I flew into St. Louis that afternoon, was sitting in a hospital having blood drawn for a marriage test that evening. Cynthia Maria Helm, became Mrs. BJ Chadduck at 1300 on 28 April 1974, at Cedar Grove United Methodist Church in Villa Ridge Missouri.
We were young and although we didn't have dollar riches we had each other and that is all that mattered.

Over the next 20 years Cindy not only stood by me but also the Marine Corps. In fact - truth be told - like so many wives, she WAS more of a Marine than I was. She knew the basics and more. When I needed a swift kick in the butt she gave it! When I needed tender care she gave that too.

Yes, I LOVE HER and this website is but a small token of that thanks.

Enjoy the pages, and if you have additions or suggestions feel free to email us with them.