Molly Pitcher

Mary Ludwig Hays McCauley - Molly Pitcher

Mary Ludwig Hays McCauley, was born in October 13, 1754 as Mary Ludwig to a German Farmer. She grew up on her parents' dairy fram near Trenton, NJ. She later married a barber John Casper Hays. John Hays enlisted in the colonial army in December 1775.

One of the most notable scenes derived from the battle of Monmouth June 28, 1778, was the fighting of Mary Ludwig Hays McCauley, better known as Molly Pitcher. She aided by carrying pitchers of drinking water to her husband, an artilleryman, and comrads in the midst of the battle.

Her husband had collapsed beside his cannon, leaving it unattended. As no man was able to handle the device, Molly stated she was able to manage it, and she began loading and firing the cannon throughout the battle.

Washington made her a sergeant, and she was afterward pensioned as a lieutenant of the Continental army. She was its only woman officer. John Hays died in 1789. Mary married George McCauley a few years thereafter. Mary died January 22, 1832.


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