Women in Uniform

Mommy Wears a Uniform

I want to take this opportunity to thank Debby Peare, a courageous young woman who proudly served in the United States Marine Corps. I admit as a male chauvinist Gunnery Sergeant I never thought much about the sacrifices that the opposite sex made. As I wrote Debby and I will say again here..

Since the site is for the Marine wives I have no objections about adding something for the Women who are veterans.... God knows they fight and die just like their male counterparts..... please direct me to the appropiate places and I WILL create a portion of the site for them... I just have no idea where to go.

Well ladies Debby did direct me and as I told her --- Here is my long overdue tribute to women in uniform. After all there are MARINES out there that just happen to also be WIVES.

P.S. Debby -- Thank you so much I DID learn alot I did not know.... BJ