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   Medal for Humane Action
Service: ALL
Authorized: DOD 1348-33-M
Issuing Country: ( US ) - UNITED STATES
Medal for Humane Action
Back of Medal
  1. Authorized by an Act of Congress, July 20, 1949 (63 Stat. 477)
  2. Awarded to members of the Armed Forces of the United States, and to others when recommended for meritorious participation, for Service in the Berlin Airlift. Service must have been for at least 120 days during the period June 26, 1948 and September 30, 1949, and in the following prescribed boundaries of the Berlin Airlift operations area:
  • 1. NORTHERN BOUNDARY: 54th parallel north latitude
  • 2. EASTERN BOUNDARY: 14th meridian east longitude
  • 3. SOUTHERN BOUNDARY: 48th parallel north latitude
  • 4. WESTERN BOUNDARY: 5th meridian west longitude
  1. Posthumous award of the medal may be made for any person who lost his and/or her life while, or as a direct result of, participating in the Berlin Airlift, without regard to length of service, if otherwise eligible.

  1. The Medal for Humane Action was established by an Act of Congress (Public Law 178, 81st Congress), 20 July 1949.
  2. The C-54 is the type of aircraft used in support of the Berlin airlift, and the coat of arms is that of the City of Berlin. The wreath of wheat represents the staff of life and thereby the necessities of life alluded to on the reverse of the medal.