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   Marine Security Guard Ribbon
Service: Marine Corps
Instituted: 1997
Authorized: SECNAV LTR 1650 OF 15 JUL 97
Issuing Country: ( US ) - UNITED STATES
Marine Security Guard Ribbon
Back of Medal
  1. The Secretary of the Navy, approved the establishment of the Marine Security Guard Ribbon as outlined in ALMAR 262/97.
  2. Marines possessing MOS 8151 who are serving with the Marine Security Guard Battalion (MSGBN) or previously served with the MSGBN in MOS 8151 billets are eligible to receive the ribbon. Additionally, the following personnel are also eligible to receive the ribbon:
  • * Training Personnel Dir Of MSG School/BN Comdr
  • OIC Of MSG School Operations Officer
  • MSGBN Asst Ops Officer
  • MSGBN Sgtmaj Of MSGBN
  • * Command Personnel Lettered Company Commanders
  • Executive Officer Of MSGBN Lettered Company
  • Executive Officers Lettered Company
  • Operations Officers Lettered Company
  • Inspecting Officers Lettered Company
  • 1stSGTs
  1. Marines assigned to Marine Security Guard Duty (MOS 8151) are eligible upon completion of 24-months service at a foreign service establishment. Subsequent Awards will be made for every 24-months served, either consecutively or culmulatively.
  2. Marines serving or who have served successful tours at a lettered company hq within MSGBN or HQ MSGBN, Quantico are not eligible for this award.
  3. The ribbon will be awarded retroactive to 28 Jan 49, the date the first MSG's departed Wash. DC for their overseas assignments. One award is auth for the period 28 Jan 49 To 15 Aug 74, regardless of qualifying periods.