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   Good Conduct Medal - Air Force
Service: Air Force
Instituted: 1963
Authorized: DOD 1348-33-M
Issuing Country: ( US ) - UNITED STATES
Good Conduct Medal - Air Force
Back of Medal
  1. Authorized by the Secretary of the Air Force, June 1, 1963.
  2. Awarded to enlisted Service members of the U.S. Air Force for exemplary conduct during a 3-year period of military service while in the active Military Service of the United States. Successive awards are denoted by oak-leaf clusters worn on the suspension and service ribbon of the medal.

  1. This medal was authorized by Congress on July 6, 1960, with the creation of the other medals of the Air Force. The medal was not created until June 1, 1963 when the Secretary of the Air Force established it. It is awarded to Air Force enlisted personnel for exemplary conduct during a three-year period of active military service, (or for a one-year period of service during a time of war). Persons awarded this medal must have had character and efficiency ratings of excellent or higher throughout the qualifying period, including time spent in attendance at service schools, and there must have been no convictions of court martial during this period. Air Force personnel who were previously awarded the Army Good Conduct Medal and after June 1, 1963 qualified for the Air Force Good Conduct Medal could wear both medals. The medal has on the obverse an eagle with wings displayed and inverted, standing on closed book and a Roman sword. Encircling it is the inscription "Efficiency, Honor, Fidelity." The reverse has a five-pointed star, slightly above center, with a scroll beneath for the recipient's name. Above the star are the words "For Good" and below the scroll the word "Conduct." A wreath, formed of a laurel branch on the left and an oak branch on the right, surrounds the whole design.