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   Achievement Medal - Army
Service: Army
Instituted: 1981
Authorized: DOD 1348-33-M
Issuing Country: ( US ) - UNITED STATES
Achievement Medal - Army
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  1. Authorized by the Secretary of the Army, April 10, 1981. b. Awarded to members of the Armed Forces of the United States or foreign military personnel, who, while serving in any capacity with the U.S. Army in a noncombat area on or after August 1, 1981, distinguish themselves by meritorious service or achievement. The required achievement or service, while of lesser degree than that required for award of the Army Commendation Medal, must have been accomplished with distinction. The Army Achievement Medal shall not be awarded to general or flag officers.

  1. As part of the Army Cohesion and Stability Study (ARCOST) of 1980, a recommendation was made to establish the Army Achievement Medal, Overseas Service Ribbon, Army Service Ribbon, and the NCO Professional Development Ribbon. On 18 February 1981, MILPERCEN requested TIOH initiate action to develop the recommended awards. Designs were prepared by TIOH and forwarded to MILPERCEN on 18 March 1981. On 10 April 1981, the Secretary of the Army approved establishment of the decorations recommended by the ARCOST group. On 13 April 1981, the DCSPER approved a design which had been submitted by TIOH and directed development be initiated.