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   Navy Ceremonial Guard Ribbon
Service: Navy
Instituted: 12 December 2003
Authorized: SECNAVINST 1650.1H
Issuing Country: ( US ) - UNITED STATES
Navy Ceremonial Guard Ribbon
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  1. Authorization. SECNAV letter Ser NDBDM 0750 of 12 December 2003.
  2. Eligibility Requirements
  • (1) Military personnel assigned to the Navy Ceremonial Guard in Washington, DC, on 1 May 2001 or later.
  • (2) Personnel must complete a successful tour of at least two years duration including a minimum of eighteen months (consecutive or non-consecutive) in a drilling status.

(a) Drilling status is defined as actual participation in ceremonies and funerals as casket bearers, firing party, color guard, ceremonial drill team, and marching platoons (to include commanders of troops, platoon petty officers, and petty officers-in-charge).

(b) Successful tour of duty is defined as service in a drilling status for a minimum of eighteen months and completion of standard honors qualification or higher. The awarding authority may waive the eighteen-month minimum requirement only for those personnel receiving full honors qualification. 

(c) Successful tour of duty also includes maintaining outstanding personal standards without disciplinary incidents (no NJP, indebtedness issues, failure to meet PRT standards, or other actions bringing discredit upon the Ceremonial Guard or the Navy) throughout the tour.


  1. Awarding Authority. The Commanding Officer, U.S. Navy Ceremonial Guard is designated as the awarding authority. Only one award per tour will be authorized, regardless of tour length. No citation or certificate will be issued.
  2. Retroactive Awards. This award is approved for all personnel meeting the above criteria who have completed a SECNAVINST 1650.1H AUG 2 2 2006 successful tour of duty since the formal establishment of the unit in May 2001.